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  • Clients with a Comcast or Verizon account not receiving your emails? Here’s what to do.

    Are you sending emails to your clients and not receiving a response?  Well those messages may or may not make it into their Inbox (or any mailbox on their account for that matter).  Over the years I have been asked by many clients to trace emails they sent to their clients, staff and colleagues that are using a Comcast or Verizon Residential email account because they did not receive them.  Frustrating, right.

    Well it’s not you.  Comcast and Verizon seem to block “legit” emails from domain email accounts, but seem to let the junk through without issue.

    Here are some steps Webesco has created for you (or share with your clients, staff and colleagues) to turn off the ridiculous SPAM filtering by Comcast so those emails come into your clients mail accounts.  Verizon would have similar steps.  Remember these steps have to be completed on the web application side.  They cannot be completed in any third-party application such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail.

    Any questions please let us know by completing our web form here.

    Webesco Technology Services

    Webesco provides video deposition, trial presentation, video playback, IT services, forensic photography and video, website, banner and logo design, search engine optimization, paid ads, and other technology services to all businesses.

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    Below are some of the services we offer at affordable prices.

    • Video depositions
    • Video playback
      • Arbitrations
      • Trials
      • Mediations
    • Trial presentations
    • Computer repair
    • Computer services
      • Knowledgeable in both Mac & Windows OS
      • Server installation and continued management
      • Workstation installation and continued management
      • Printer installation
      • One-on-one (or team) program training
      • Software installation
      • Equipment recommendations and purchasing
      • Troubleshoot computer problems
      • Maintenance and upgrades
    • Website design
      • Business websites
      • E-Commerce websites
      • Personal websites
      • All types of websites
    • Website redesign
    • Domains hosting
    • Website hosting
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Pay-per-click advertising campaigns
    • Email campaigns
    • Photography services – Head shots, corporate events
    • Video services – Corporate video and commercials
    • Day in the life videos
    • Logos & stationery creation
    • Brochures
    • and much more…

    If you would like a quote on any of the services listed above or have any questions about a service you do not see on this list please call us at (215) 416-5526 or contact us via web form by clicking the contact us button below.  We can help!  Thank you.

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