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Video depositions, trial presentation, video playback, IT services (both Windows & Mac OS), forensic photography and forensic video, website, banner and logo design, search engine optimization, paid ads, and many other online and technology services to all businesses.

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Founded in 2007, Webesco provides unmatched service with all things tech to professionals and individuals.

Webesco provides technology services to law firms, other professionals and individuals.  See the list of services Webesco offers below.  Call us at (215) 416-5526 or complete the contact form here to find out more information or to schedule service.

Offered Services

Email Campaigns

Webesco can create and manage your email campaigns.

Day in the Life Videos

Let our videographers capture your client’s daily routine in a Day in the life video.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigning

We can create a campaign that works for you at a budget you choose.

Web Design

We can create a website for your company from ground up and get you into the search results.

Computer Repairs

We offer server, workstation, networking, Windows and Mac operating system setup and repairs.

Trial Presentation

Webesco can help you win your next case!  Projecting your case on the big screen with the assistance of one of our technicians can enhanced your trial experience.  We are ready to assist you anyway we can.

Video Playback

Need video played back for your case.  We provide the full setup.

Video Depositions

Let Webesco expert video technicians handle your next video deposition.

See our full list of services here.

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