Offering Technology Services

Webesco was founded in 2007. Webesco is a technology group offering web design, video depositions, trial presentation, IT (Information Technology), business consulting (extensive experience with start-ups and break down of companies) paid website campaigning, Search Engine Optimization, online marketing, email newsletters, forensic photography & video services to all types of businesses big or small. We are your one-stop shop!

Webesco provides unmatched service in these industries and our pricing is very competitive. Our work, results and current clients do the talking for us. We are geared to help any size business.

Our mission is to serve all clients with the same passion, integrity, loyalty and effectiveness as possible.

Call us today at (215) 416-5526 to schedule your next service. A full breakdown of our services offered can be found here.

Ernest P. Tedesco Jr. is President and Owner of Webesco, LLC.

Since the mid 90′s, he has spent thousands of hours helping businesses operate smoothly.  Webesco has helped businesses harness the power of the internet by offering the services of video depositions, trial presentations, video playback, web development, IT, online ad campaigns, email marketing, online paid advertisements, search engine optimization and much more.

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