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    John Della Rocca, EsquireYour website may be the first (and only) impression you get to make on a potential customer or client.  What image do you want your website to convey?

    A well-designed but boring website is just as bad as a creative but badly-designed one.  The best websites mix essential elements with creative elements to make a unified whole that is an enjoyable experience for each visitor.

    Essential elements for web design include:

    • SEO – search engine optimization – so potential customers can find your website quickly and easily.  Every page should include keywords to help search engines index your entire website.
    • Ease of navigation – ensuring an intuitive navigation system so viewers don’t get frustrated trying to find the information they want.
    • Professionalism in design and copy – an amateurish website with smileys, too many fonts, and wild colors will send customers looking for a more professional company to work with.
    • Prominence of your logo – your logo is often the first impression potential customers make about your company.  In a glance, is your logo saying what you want it to say?  Repeated use of a logo throughout your website will increase familiarity and present a unified brand to viewers.
    • Quick loading of text and images, so customers do not get frustrated waiting for your site to appear.
    • Minimized use of elements that viewers may find irritating or hazardous, like auto-play elements at high volume, flashing images that can cause seizures, and more.

    A website is a tool for growing your business – welcoming new customers and maintaining relationships with past and current customers.  If your website isn’t growing your business, it isn’t working.

    Webesco web design and marketing services include the following:

    • Creation of a website with intuitive navigation so customers can quickly and easily find the information they need.
    • Copywriting for static (About Us, FAQ, etc) and dynamic pages (News, Blog, Press Releases, etc) – changing and updating content frequently keeps visitors coming back to see what’s new.
    • Logo consultation and design.
    • SEO – search engine optimization – to increase your site’s visibility in search engine rankings.
    • Ongoing website maintenance.
    • Connection to social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) so your website becomes a network of places your company has a presence.  Cross-promotion between different places can increase your overall exposure – for example, a contest could be advertised on Twitter and Facebook, leading customers to fill out an entry form on your website.

    Each website gets content and design that is suited to the company.  There are no fill-in-the-blanks generics, no templates, no doing it how everyone else does it.  Your professionally designed website will be uniquely suited to your business and your customers.  It will be part of a larger marketing scheme that will increase your exposure and grow your business.

    The first step is to talk to us about what you want your website to be.  Together, we can figure out a web design package that gets the results you want at a reasonable price.

    Webesco was founded in 2007. Webesco is a full service Philadelphia web design firm geared to help small to medium size businesses create good looking and successful websites at a price most businesses can afford. Since the mid 90’s, he has spent thousands of hours building different layouts to create great websites that deliver fast and reliable results. Since 2007, he has helped businesses harness the power of the internet by offering the services of web development.

    Our firm offers unmatched service. We provide hosting and domain, Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook campaigns, website development, search engine optimization, logo, banner, photography, video services and much much more.

    If you need video services call Webesco today at (215) 416-5526 or use our online form to send us a note.

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