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    When someone searches online for your type of business, product, or service, can they actually find you?

    SEO – search engine optimization – can help improve the visibility of your website in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.  When your site appears higher or more frequently in the search results list, you may find that your number of visitors goes up.  More visitors means more chances to turn a browser into a customer.

    An internet marketing campaign is more than just using the right keywords.  Once your customers find your company online, you need to give them a good reason to stay.  An engaging website with varied and interesting content (like a regularly updated blog) or an immediate reward (like a coupon or added value offer for online shoppers) can lead to higher conversion rates.

    Why bother with SEO for my business website?

    Do you know how your customers find you?  It used to be that everyone opened the Yellow Pages or just asked a friend or family member for a referral.  Maybe they saw an ad in the newspaper or a commercial on TV.  More and more, potential customers are turning to the internet for help in finding businesses and services.

    Think about it: you’re in the mood for barbeque.  You open your laptop or pick up your phone and search for a restaurant nearby.  Up pops a list of venues complete with a map, reviews, a phone number for reservations, and even a menu you can browse.  You’ve got a lot more information and detail in less time than it takes you to find the right section in the phone book.

    If you are the owner of one of the three barbeque restaurants in town, it’s in your best interest to make sure your place appears higher in the search engine results than the other two.  It’s not enough just to appear in the search results – you need your business to pop up on page one.  This is especially important if the customer is doing a localized search.

    The benefits of search engine optimization include:

    • A long-term return on investment.  Building solid search rankings means your website will show up at or near the top of the search results every time for years to come.
    • Bringing the right customers to your business.  The right combination of keywords will help the search engines match the right searcher with the right website.  If you’re looking for barbeque in Miami, it does you no good to get restaurant listings for Michigan.
    • Linking your website with other media like press releases, blogs, and more.  The right combination of keywords helps keep all your marketing efforts connected where the search engines are concerned.
    • Easy analytics.  It’s easy to see what keywords are working for you – just go to your favorite search engine and think like a customer.  Enter “barbeque” with “restaurant” and “Miami” and see where your business appears.

    Do you want to be a search engine good guy, or a bad guy?

    Webesco uses only white hat practices in our search engine optimization services.  This means we conform to search engine guidelines and use no deception, cloaking, or spamdexing.  Our SEO content is useful and valuable to users – rather than trying to trick the search engine algorithms with hidden text, off-screen keywords, and nonsense keyword blocks.

    Our focus is first and foremost on good design and valuable content.  It is possible to have both and still be optimized for search engine algorithms – and your customers will appreciate you for it.

    If you need search engine optimization services call Webesco today at (215) 416-5526 or use our online form to send us a note.

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