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  • Computer Service in Philadelphia

    Most businesses have adopted the use of computers and other technology in the running of their operations. There is no doubt that computer systems have numerous benefits to business enterprises. However, when problems arise, or you need to improve efficiency, it is important to request computer service.

    Mac and Windows OS
    We are knowledgeable in both Mac and Windows OS, a factor that enables us to handle a wide array of network issues. We not only install Operating Systems, but can also troubleshoot related problems that may be affecting your business.

    Server installation and management
    Our computer services include the installation and continuous management of computer servers to make it easier for you to operate your computer network. This is bound to enhance the efficiency of operations in your business.

    Workstation installation and management
    We have expertise and experience in workstation installation and management. This will allow you to enjoy a higher performance, greater processing power and be assured of system reliability. We will also advise you on the system that is most appropriate for your operations.

    Printer installation
    Printers have become an important tool to have in the office. When you hire our computer services, we will do printer installation and ensure that all your printer problems are professionally fixed.

    Program training
    Depending on the type of arrangement you choose, we will provide one-on-one or group training. Our training programs are designed to help you understand the basics of the computer systems we install in your offices.

    Software installation
    Today, numerous business solutions are designed to execute various tasks fast, easily and with great accuracy. One of our services is installation of the latest and relevant software for your computer system and business.

    Equipment recommendation and purchasing
    After a while, there is no doubt that you will need to repair or upgrade your computers. When this time comes, we will recommend and purchase the latest and most suitable equipment for your network. This allows your business firm to enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

    Troubleshoot computer problems
    Computer networks will develop problems from time to time. You may not be aware of the best way to handle such problems when they occur. This is why we lend our expertise to troubleshoot the IT problems and address them within a short while.  Computer service at its best!

    Maintenance and upgrades
    Regular maintenance of computer networks ensures that efficiency and performance are enhanced. With the ever-changing trends in the advancement of technology, upgrades help businesses to keep up with the pace of change. We offer these computer services to keep your business at the forefront of the industry.

    Contact Webesco Technology Group if you have any tech questions or issues at (215) 416-5526.  We handle all types of computer service.

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