Video isn’t just for weddings and dance recitals!

How video services might benefit you and/or your company:

  • Record a special event or occasion for future generations – weddings and anniversaries, holidays and religious events, and more.
  • Dance, theater, or other performance – performers, their family and friends, and fans will want copies to watch long after the show has ended.
  • Auditions and applications by video.
  • Real estate walk-throughs. Take live, real-time video of work in progress, repairs that need to be handled, or just show off your new dream home!
  • Insurance video services. Record vehicle or home damage after an accident or act of nature.
  • Legal video services. Record depositions from witnesses who cannot be there in person.
  • Training videos – walk new employees through standard procedures at any time.
  • Seminars, company meetings, sales meetings – a recording of your latest business meeting can be distributed to those who can’t be there in person.

For business owners (and non-profits, and schools, and more!), video marketing can be a huge asset. Your advertisement or message can be available to the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. A professional video can spread your message to YouTube, Facebook, and more. Hundreds or thousands of potential fans or customers could be watching your video!

Adding a professional video to your business website can dramatically increase your page views and search engine rankings. You aren’t limited to a minute or less like a radio or television ad – your video message can be as short or as long as you like. Create your own YouTube channel for a series of videos showing off new products, demonstrating services, or touring your showroom.

Webesco video services include:

  • Videography/digital video recording
  • Broadcast quality video and audio
  • Video duplication and DVD conversion
  • Digital video editing
  • Optional music and voice-over
  • Flexible time limits

Let’s talk about how Webesco video services can work for you!

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